Privateer Day and Pyrate Invasion Fells Point

Dance falls in two different categories, art and entertainment. Occasionally sometimes it is combined. When dance falls as an art it tends to be brought upon a deep or abstract inspiration. When dance falls as entertainment it comes from everything ranging from a dance about butterflies to creation of the world. It’s all about the performance.

Fantasy is huge in pop culture right now thanks to Harry Potter, Twilight and yes of course Disney.  Disney’s Peter Pan is a timeless classic it captured family’s hearts globally. It had everything; song, dance, pirates and sword fights. Peter Pan went on Broadway and took the story to a whole new level with new dances, tricks, songs and special effects.

Baltimore celebrated the 8th annual Privateer Day and Pyrate Invasion in Fells Point this past Saturday. There were live sword fights with the Valhalla’s Pirates, music from the Salty Dog and plenty of children’s activities. The live performances were very entertaining and the sword fight kept my attention the whole time.

Looking at the sword fight you realize it’s a dance with simple steps.  The sword fight looks like it was based on traditional modern with under curves, turns, leaps and pelvic shifts. If you got rid of the pirate costume and swords you would have a battle motif that would cross genres in to ballet, jazz and hip hop.

Today people who are not familiar with dance like to watch entertaining performances like sword fighting pirates, Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance.  There is nothing wrong with dance as a form of entertainment. I think its great. I wish there was a way for all dancers to combine technique and performance together.