Dance Photography

Dance photography is becoming more popular now that dance is in the media. Today dance photography is more than just bad lit studio portraits in ugly costumes, they are beautiful pieces of art. Dance photography is no loner confined to indoors, it is all over and thanks to Photoshop dance everywhere even outer-space.

(Images Top: Me  Bottom: Tumblr Images)

Dance photography is important, it can be in an art gallery, used as advertisement, used as a fundraiser, found in a calendar but most importantly it is promoting dance to a wider audience. Some examples are The Ballerina Project, Ballet Zaida and Alvin Ailey. They all use dance photography for different purposes. The Ballerina Project sells beautiful ballet pictures that a photographer has taken over a period of 10 years using film. Ballet Zaida is also a photo project, but its features only the best ballet technique and has a focus on spreading ballet to everyone.  Alvin Ailey uses dance photography for advertisement for their shows, school and dancers.

(Images: Left- Ballet Zaida Right- Alvin Ailey)

 I have personally been interested in dance photography because there are magical moment is dance that I wish were captured on camera. For my photography class at school I have taking picture of dancers at Goucher College in black and white film and the results have been amazing. The dancers are happy to work with me and help me build my portfolio and they get a photo-shoot for free and have pictures to use in their portfolios for auditions. It is important that dancers help spread dance awareness any way possible.


(Images were taken by me)

So what is dance photography really doing to help? It is allowing the arts to prosper off of one another and flourish. It is changing the way media shows dance and it helps expand dance all over the world through the internet and prints.


The Secrets Bare Introduction

           How do you take your thoughts and turn them in to movement that is true? Does your movement reflect your personality? Can you teach someone else your movement vocabulary? These are things that I have to consider while choreographing for 361 Advance Choreography.  

          My piece is about losing yourself due to everyday occurring events that slowly break you down, like being bullied to the point where you believe what they say about you. Due to the bullying you now have self esteem issues and that causes you to not eat. Depression, Pain and Emptiness, those feelings will be evident in my work.

           I am thinking of naming the work The Secrets Bare. I feel like its time to let the secrets out and let go.  By holding on to them they have just weighed me down and held me back I think its time to let myself be free.

           I am currently creating the music for my work, it is called Beautiful Pain, you can listen to it and let me know what you think. What emotions do you feel in the music? 

          I will be talking more about the piece in the coming weeks and I will be posting video soon so you can see the process behind my method of choreographing.


“Dances without purpose have false starts and stops.”

– Hanya Holm