Michael Jackson, More than Dance.

Great performers are hard to come by , but dancers who inspire other people to dance are rare. That is one of the major problems in the current dance world. Michael Jackson, a great performer and dancer help shaped our dance culture. Today he is still inspiring people to dance. Michael Jackson used ballroom styled moves in his dancing along with a fusion of break dancing moves. He combined both styles to give him the swag we know him to have today. The move Michael Jackson is most famous for is known as the Moon Walk.

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Michael Peters was Michael Jackson’s choreographer and he had a specific style of movement. He choreographed to the sounds of the instruments he didn’t use established dance steps or rhythms. Together the pair would create and popularize other dance moves seen in today’s culture. Beat It 1983 introduced a new dance the Worm, also choreographed by Michael Peters. It is not the traditional worm we say today that break-dancers do, which is an undulating movement on the ground on your stomach creating wave-like movement, but a standing undulating movement that travels backward. Which you can see at 3:57 in the video below.


In his music video Beat It you can also see jazz dance influences, like fan kicks, Ballroom styled movement, which you see him effortlessly glide along the floor and break dancing movement where he balances on the tips of his toes. That pose became one of the many symbols that represent Michael Jackson and dance.

Michael Peters most famous choreographed piece for Michael Jackson was the dance in Thriller. Each movement Michael and the zombies dance to is on the sound of the instrument the very basic steps forward with the head tilting is on the sound of the drum which is emphasized. Thriller incorporated so many different styles of movement that it created the perfect blend. It has hip rolls, glides, fan kicks, spins, toe stands and the famous crotch grab all combined into sharp clear movement.


Michael Jackson was a large force in the popularization of break-dancing and dance. He has influenced many generations and his legacy lives on today though his music videos, movies and even his dancing game the Michael Jackson Experience. Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009.  He has left the torch to everyone waiting on someone to pick it up and influence the dance world. Who is up to the challenge?



       I have been preparing for a theater and dance show called ATTACK of the CRAB MONSTERS since November 2011. The show is this Thursday, March 1 through Saturday, March 3rd. It will be at 8pm at Goucher College in the Dunnok Theater.

       The show is about the crabs in the Chesapeake bay getting up and leaving because humans are destroying their homes and them. It has two main characters Martha and Dale who go on this journey and transformation to see how crabs are living and what humans are doing to them. It takes place in what seems to be a dream like state where the worlds are reversed. Crabs eat humans instead and go to school.

     The show is funny, interactive and will keep your attention the whole time. Every member in the audience will receive a survival kit which the things they need, like a poncho or soda can. It the survival kit there will be a surprise for everyone to go home with as well. 

      I am currently on my way to the tech rehearsal now, so hopefully it goes well tonight seeing we are so close to the show. There is a lot of stress on everyone seeing as Sandy Ungar, President of Goucher College will be attending opening night! I am excited to see what everyone thinks of the show and I am nervous that I will not make it back from the New England Patriots audition on Saturday in time for the show.