Dancer Life

This weekend I performed in the show at Goucher College called Attack of the Monster Crabs. I only performed the first two nights, but it was great the show was sold out! Sandy Ungar the president of Goucher College was there for opening night!  

Saturday I could not perform in the show because I flew home to audition for the New England Patriots Cheerleaders. I was a nervous wreck in the morning, I felt like I was going to pass out in the shuttle ride to BWI airport. 

The whole plane ride I kept telling myself to try my hardest and don’t freak out. I didn’t know what to expect because I was unable to go to the workshop they held earlier but I didn’t let that stop me. My plane arrived in Providence, RI at 9:00 am, and the drive to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA is 40 mins away from the airport so my mom kept driving in circles to avoid parking and wasting time. My family and I had a plan to get there before registration opened at 10:00am. 

I got there at 9:45! I also ran into a friend from high school so we walked into the audition together. She went to the workshop so she knew what to expect. It was nice waiting in line with her and getting to audition with her. I was number 212, there were 300 people at the audition. 

They started off my introducing the judges one of them being Marina Ortega, the Celtics Dancers coach. I was excited because I plan on auditioning for them as well. After they quickly stretched us and we went on to learn an across the floor combination. We performed it four at a time. So my friend and I went together. They made a cut right after all of us had gone. 

They cut 150 dancers, luckily I wasn’t one of them. Round two was freestyle and we had to perform 7 counts of 8. I hate free style to unknown music, but I made it work. I think I should have done more kicks and more jazz but I let my personality shine through. They made another at 530 after this round ended. I was cut, however it was a great experience and I will audition next year. My friend made it to the finals so I’ll be rooting her on!

Next stop Celtics audition this summer!