Boston Celtics Dance Team

So I graduated from Goucher College on May 18, 2012 with a BA in Dance. Now the big question what am I going to do now? I moved back home to Rhode Island for now, but I will not be able to build a dance career in that state. I do plan on auditioning for the Boston Celtics Dance Team. 

The Celtics dancers held a workshop on May 20th. The workshop was designed to help interested dancers prepare for the audition next month. The workshop consisted of across the floor, a combination and plenty of time to chat with Marina Ortega and some of the Celtics Dancers. 


(thats me in the purple) Pictured provided by Boston Globe

Marina Ortega would provide tips and things that she looks for at the audition. She like smiles, with teeth showing, sharpness and clean movement. Marina and the Celtics dancers also watched us perform the combination in groups of four and provided individual feedback. 


Pictured provided by Boston Globe

Marina Ortega and the Celtics dancers talked about dancing with your hair, because the Celtics dancers don’t wear their hair pulled back. After going through the workshop and receiving lots of great feedback and tips I feel prepared for the audition. 

I am excited and can’t wait to audition on June 30th in Boston. This is something I always wanted to do and I will work my hardest and hope that I can find a spot on the Celtics Dance Team.  


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