Goucher College Bad Change

Goucher College has made some big changes that are going to effect the Goucher dancers and the community negatively.

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I think that Goucher College should allow the dance department to manage the amount of times the course runs based off of the need of the classes like Anatomy and Laban. They have been doing that for years and it has worked fine why fix something that isn’t broken.


The Secrets Bare

Goucher College’s 361 Advanced Choreography presented Altered, finally! It featured video adaptations from each piece and a closing video for the show. The show was great and it was sold out two nights!  I choreographed a piece called The Secrets Bare. I created the most of the music except for the last section which featured the song Gravity by Sara Bareilles.

(The Secrets Bare- Gravity Section)

The Secrets Bare, is a group performance, in seven short sections, which is based on events that have shaped me personally and helped me grow. At the core of the work are my secrets that I have kept to myself. My keeping the secrets for long I have a hard time balancing my world and lose myself. The piece looks at self-image, emotions, and the journey to finding yourself again. The piece is dedicated to Shawnia T White for helping me see my potential, beauty and strength in myself.

(The Secrets Bare- Beautiful Pain Section)

I was nervous and excited to present my work to the greater Goucher community. I had injured dancers and honestly they struggled with the timing of choreography to the music. My dancers however did not fail me and presented a perfect show. They danced from their hearts and got the emotion across to the audience.

(The Secrets Bare- Twisted Section)

After the show I had students, teachers and family members approach me telling me what a strong and powerful piece it was. I even had one girl tell me the story she got from watching my piece. It wasn’t my intention, however I wouldn’t say she was wrong.

Overall the show was a grand success and it was called one of the strongest 361 shows. I am happy that I got to present my work to large audience and it was accepted. It makes me want to continue with choreography and continue to follow my dreams.  The closing video of the choreographers dancing to “Sexy and I Know It” must have sealed the deal with the audience based on the amount of laughter and applause.

Dance Fitness

There are many dance fitness classes available to keep you in shape these days. They are all fun and range from different levels. For  people who are interested in fast, latin inspired cardio work out you should try Zumba. Zumba is easy to pick up and follow and anyone at any age can do it. There are a variety of Zumba classes available to take:

  • Zumba Fitness – The Original Zumba.
  • Zumba Gold- Designed for the baby boomer age.
  • Zumba Toning- Designed to tone and sculpt the body.
  • Aqua Zumba- Cardio water based workout.
  • Zumbatomic- Zumba for children.
  • Zumba in the Circuit- 30 min Zumba workout.
  • Zumba Gold Toning- Toning and sculpting for the baby boomer age group.
  • Zumba Sentao- Chair cardio workout focused on strengthening the core.

(Google images- Zumba class)

If you cant make it into a gym to work out and take a Zumba class don’t worry Zumba is also available for the Wii and Xbox. I would rate Zumba with 5 stars.

If you live on the wild side or just want to take a daring fitness class I would recommend a pole fitness class! Right now I am currently taking pole fitness classes at Xpose Fitness in Towson, MD and it is great! The instructors are friendly and helpful. The classes are exciting and give you a full body workout. Xpose Fitness offers  5 level pole classes, a sexy stretch class and a floor chair class. I take a level 2 pole and it focuses on transitional and strengthening moves, basic spins and holds. I would say in order to succeed in pole fitness you will need upper body  strength.  I have taken pole fitness classes at other places however, Xpose Fitness is my favorite. Xpose Fitness also offers the best deal on classes!

(Image -Xpose Fitness website)

Exercise is important it keeps your body healthy and strong. All exercise is good exercise as long as you are doing it correctly so that you don’t end up harming your body. I exercise five days a week which is a lot, however I know what my body needs and can handle. If you don’t like working out grab a friend and work out with them it makes the experience more enjoyable. A group of my dancer friends go to pole fitness classes with me and occasionally we will just get together to do ab workouts randomly. So grab a friend and head to the gym and make a promise to yourself to promote healthy living !

Dance Photography

Dance photography is becoming more popular now that dance is in the media. Today dance photography is more than just bad lit studio portraits in ugly costumes, they are beautiful pieces of art. Dance photography is no loner confined to indoors, it is all over and thanks to Photoshop dance everywhere even outer-space.

(Images Top: Me  Bottom: Tumblr Images)

Dance photography is important, it can be in an art gallery, used as advertisement, used as a fundraiser, found in a calendar but most importantly it is promoting dance to a wider audience. Some examples are The Ballerina Project, Ballet Zaida and Alvin Ailey. They all use dance photography for different purposes. The Ballerina Project sells beautiful ballet pictures that a photographer has taken over a period of 10 years using film. Ballet Zaida is also a photo project, but its features only the best ballet technique and has a focus on spreading ballet to everyone.  Alvin Ailey uses dance photography for advertisement for their shows, school and dancers.

(Images: Left- Ballet Zaida Right- Alvin Ailey)

 I have personally been interested in dance photography because there are magical moment is dance that I wish were captured on camera. For my photography class at school I have taking picture of dancers at Goucher College in black and white film and the results have been amazing. The dancers are happy to work with me and help me build my portfolio and they get a photo-shoot for free and have pictures to use in their portfolios for auditions. It is important that dancers help spread dance awareness any way possible.


(Images were taken by me)

So what is dance photography really doing to help? It is allowing the arts to prosper off of one another and flourish. It is changing the way media shows dance and it helps expand dance all over the world through the internet and prints.