I have been preparing for a theater and dance show called ATTACK of the CRAB MONSTERS since November 2011. The show is this Thursday, March 1 through Saturday, March 3rd. It will be at 8pm at Goucher College in the Dunnok Theater.

       The show is about the crabs in the Chesapeake bay getting up and leaving because humans are destroying their homes and them. It has two main characters Martha and Dale who go on this journey and transformation to see how crabs are living and what humans are doing to them. It takes place in what seems to be a dream like state where the worlds are reversed. Crabs eat humans instead and go to school.

     The show is funny, interactive and will keep your attention the whole time. Every member in the audience will receive a survival kit which the things they need, like a poncho or soda can. It the survival kit there will be a surprise for everyone to go home with as well. 

      I am currently on my way to the tech rehearsal now, so hopefully it goes well tonight seeing we are so close to the show. There is a lot of stress on everyone seeing as Sandy Ungar, President of Goucher College will be attending opening night! I am excited to see what everyone thinks of the show and I am nervous that I will not make it back from the New England Patriots audition on Saturday in time for the show. 



The Secrets Bare Introduction

           How do you take your thoughts and turn them in to movement that is true? Does your movement reflect your personality? Can you teach someone else your movement vocabulary? These are things that I have to consider while choreographing for 361 Advance Choreography.  

          My piece is about losing yourself due to everyday occurring events that slowly break you down, like being bullied to the point where you believe what they say about you. Due to the bullying you now have self esteem issues and that causes you to not eat. Depression, Pain and Emptiness, those feelings will be evident in my work.

           I am thinking of naming the work The Secrets Bare. I feel like its time to let the secrets out and let go.  By holding on to them they have just weighed me down and held me back I think its time to let myself be free.

           I am currently creating the music for my work, it is called Beautiful Pain, you can listen to it and let me know what you think. What emotions do you feel in the music? 

          I will be talking more about the piece in the coming weeks and I will be posting video soon so you can see the process behind my method of choreographing.


“Dances without purpose have false starts and stops.”

– Hanya Holm


Susan Jaffe!

       This past week at Goucher College we had a special guest artist in residence in the dance department who would be setting a work on students for the Spring Dance Concert. The guest artist was the beautiful and amazing Ballerina, Susan Jaffe! If you do not know who Susan Jaffe is she danced as a principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre for over 20 years. Many people in the dance world would consider her to be a “Prima Ballerina,” very different than a ballet dancer. A ballet dancer is anyone who takes ballet and loves it a Prima Ballerina is Principal dancer in the company the role model that little girls dream of being when they see a dance show by American Ballet Theater or the New York City Ballet. On top of creating and setting a work on 7 lucky dance students at Goucher, she taught ballet master classes for the week in the dance department. I can honestly say that after taking class with her and observing her classes I have improved so much in ballet. The way she explains things to you like how to breathe from your back and expand without opening your ribs up makes moving and breathing in class so much easier. She draws upon her experiences to help explain things to us in class, which in turns inspires and motivates us to work harder. I am not a ballerina, I am a dancer and it is my passion, however after observing her class I looked forward to going to ballet and applying all of the things she talked about and seeing if they work, they did. After one week the dancers at Goucher College have improved greatly. It has been an amazing opportunity to have Susan Jaffe here and getting the opportunity to know her and ask her questions at Meet the Artist on February 10, 2012 along with watch the first movement of the piece in production was incredible. Susan Jaffe, had an amazing performance career. She accomplished her goal that she set for herself as a little girl. She has been a breath of fresh air for the dancers at Goucher College and I look forward to seeing the final performance. Currently Susan Jaffe is the Ballet Mistress of American Ballet Theatre and has published a book “Becoming a Ballerina” for children.

“Why do I need to be good at math when I’m going to be a ballerina?” – Susan Jaffe in middle school.

On the subject of dance and performance in class with Susan Jaffe

“Today am I going to be Mediocre or Beautiful? Blend In or Stand Out?… Beautiful it is.” – Susan Jaffe    

 To see the Performance of the work Susan Jaffe set on Goucher Dancers the concert will be held in April please check the website for more information.